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Tomato Farm

Tomato Farm

₦50,000 - ₦50,000,000

Tomato is the most favorable crop for planting this season due to its relative ease in planting and an undeniable increase in yield.

Package Units ROI Duration
Classic 1 - 19 units 22% 6 months
Bronze 20 - 39 units 25% 6 months
Platinum 40 - 99 units 28% 6 months
Diamond 100 - 499 units 35% 6 months
Gold 500 - 1000 units 40% 6 months


Tomato is a staple crop in Nigeria as it forms a major part of food culture in Nigerian homes. It is a largely cultivated crop with a proportion of 25000 tonnes produced annually nonetheless in very short supply. With the entrance of the global pandemic, this ratio has been largely deteriorated resulting in a drastic increase in its price.

Tomato has been identified as the best crop for planting this season due to its ease in cultivation and a potentially high returns on the harvest.

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