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You can be part Farmox platinum by investing in any our farm category

We do not have fixed dates for the future cycles. Once a cycle is closed, it usually takes about 2 or 3 months before the next cycle opens.

Farmox platinum Ltd. is a full-scale farm located in Nigeria, Amassoma road before LNG yenagoa, Bayelsa, Nigeria, focused in food production, live stock and consultancy offering. Offering investment opportunities for farm sponsors.

Our business model is made up of two parties (The sponsor, the farmer (Farmox platinum) Our farm and facilities are solely owned and managed by us. We offer digital platform where we connect sponsors (who provide the capital to fund the cultivation of a crop and rearing of live stocks) who in return earn great value from the farm profit. This shared responsibility reduces losses, improve efficiency and effectiveness of operation.

You will receive a confirmation email which acknowledge the receipt of your sponsorship, farm cycle tenure and end date of your farm cycle. On regular basis, you will receive updates which keep you well-informed of all activities on your farm from beginning to the end of the farm cycle.

No. There is no deductible on insurance. You will receive full refund of your initial investment.

The minimum farm you can sponsor is one (1) unit of any farm. And you can sponsor as many as farm you choose but this is subject to availability.

Of course, you can visit! We organize farm tours every quarter to allow investors to measure growth and get an experience of the farm activities and operations.

Each of our farms has fixed farm cycle period. This is determined by taking into cognisance the maturity/gestation period for the crops/livestock on each farm. As it is virtually impossible to interrupt the growth life cycle of crop or livestock before maturity. Therefore, we will not be able to terminate the contract. However, at the end of farm cycle, sponsor shall receive initial investment and return after harvest, the decision to re-sponsor another farm or otherwise, is entirely sponsor's decision.

With your investment, you have collaborated with us in achieving food security. You have helped to create jobs for the unemployed and also enabled us fulfill our vision of creating sustainable wealth for you.

Yes. Farmox platinum is a registered company with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission CAC and our Reg. No is: RC 1501043.